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I know a lot about the dating challenge for singles of all ages from personal experience and also from having run Drawing Down the Moon Personal Introduction Agency for 30 plus years.

As the result of 1,000s of requests from the public I decided I had to stir things up bit for 30 plus singles. Here's the result:!

We want to create heaps of fabulous dating opportunities for you.

I guarantee to make love blossom for you in 6 months or you get six months FREE membership whether you're 35, 65 or 95!

Here I am on the right, with my husband Sebastian, frolicking in the snow - he thinks the fur hat makes him look like Snoopy.

Please note the mega warm coat I made from a carpet 40 years ago! Those were the days

Another couple of pics of us below looking a bit more respectable.

People often ask me how we met ...

I first spotted Seb, with a worried look on his face, moving a large lawn mower into a fourth floor, gardenless flat next to mine. He was, I discovered, to be my new neighbour.

For starters, his height was well short of mine when I was perched on my killer heels. I had heard that he was freshly separated and had two young children, now living abroad, so I guessed there would be past-life pitfalls aplenty.

I reminded myself that my avowed policy, as a singleton in this type of situation, was to run extremely fast in the opposite direction. However, I couldn't help but be just a little curious, so I spied on him that evening through my darkened window.

A sight met my eyes that, in those days, would have made most women very nervous: he was washing up but wearing PINK rubber gloves!

Sexy? No way! Forget it; but yes, you've guessed, we grew to love each other madly and could not now be happier than we are admittedly after having tiptoed around loads of old problems.

Sebastian's passion, romantic spirit, wit, kindness, boyish charm and twinkly green eyes still have me weak at the knees. We've been married for years, but we never have got off the starting blocks if stuck to that Perfect Partner List.

As for finding a man who remembers to put down the toilet seat every time, forget it girls. But hey, it's a small price to pay for true love.

Being sixty and more has given us a new energy. We get up to all sorts of fun, dancing salsa, playing music, exploring new landscapes, trying new recipes

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