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My mission is happy endings and thatís why Iíve fixed it so that if you donít find that special person within your 6 month subscription period GrownUpDating will give you an extra 6 months full membership with all the extra powerful matching features of FULL membership.

But I do expect you to do your bit by being active on the site by following our Make Love Blossom Guarantee Programme rules. Here is what you will undertake if you wish to take advantage of this guarantee:

Make Love Blossom Guaranteee - Terms and Conditions

  • You will be a new subscriber who has signed up and maintained a paid subscription to GrownUpDating for a continuous period of six months, you will not already have been a member of GrownUpDating or any other site on the dating network.
  • Within 15 days of initial payment you will have completed an honest GrownUpDating profile with a photograph of yourself not more than one year old and kept it visible on the site so that other members can see it.
  • You will  Initiate or respond to communication with at least 6 (six) GrownUpDating members each month
  • You will keep your profile and photo visible on the site at all times.
  • You will follow at all times with the GrownUpDating terms of usage.
  • You will not have found someone special within this first six months GrownUpDating membership.

You understand and accept that:

  1. Your guarantee expires exactly six months after you sign up as a PAYING member. Therefore you must email us BEFORE this date to qualify.
  2. Your guarantee is claimable from THREE WEEKS before your six months paid membership ends. Therefore you need to email us between 5 months 1 week and 6 months into your membership stating your username and that you wish to "Claim my Make Love Blossom guarantee".
  3. As long as you have met the criteria stated here we will then pause your paying subscription and add on SIX Months of paid membership time to your account
  4. You may not receive a refund of your payment in lieu of an extension of membership.
  5. GrownUpDating paid memberships are auto-rebilling subscriptions paid by credit/debit card. Members may cancel automatic renewal at any time after they have purchased it. If you wish to abandon your subscription at any time, log into your profile and go to Pay Page - where you can press the button to "Stop Rebilling me".
  6. If you abandon your subscription it will continue until the end of your current paid for period and will not be re-billed at the end of this period and you will not be eligible for a refund of any part of the subscription fees already paid for. Your GrownUpDating free six months are used up you will revert to being on your original subscription membership - unless you cancel this as per above
  7. GrownUpDating has the right, if it so chooses, to change, put on hold or stop the MakeLoveBlossom Guarantee Package at any time and without giving notice to that effect.
  8. GrownUpDating retains the right to make the final decision regarding eligibility for the 6 month MakeLoveBlossom Guarantee Package and the decisions of GrownUpDating are final.
  9. Each member of GrownUpDating is only eligible for one free six month period of membership under the MakeLoveBlossom programme and this is not transferable.
  10. You may not transfer this offer and it is not available more than once to any person.
  11. This offer is only available to UK residents and residents of the Irish Republic


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